The Viviscal Hair Growth Experiment, Month 1

amy1Hi, my name is Amy and my ultimate goal for my hair is to grow it out to where it’s like tailbone length which would make it pretty long. It’s only about 12 inches at the moment so I do understand that it’s going to take a very long time for me to reach that goal.

I though I would track my progress here every month to see if it is possible to grow longer, stronger hair using hair growth products.


viviscal-ms-front_300sqTo help me however I am going to use the hair vitamin Viviscal Maximum Strength which is supposed to strengthen existing hair and promotes new hair growth. It contains a marine protein which is the active ingredient in supplement.

I’d seen Viviscal on the TV and in reviews, people had said that they had seen very good results while using it. They do sell it at my favourite health food store for so I was really interested in trying this product and I do trust’s products which are sold at this store. So I did a little more research and decided to get four months supply.

Other products I will be using

shampoo-conditionerI also got the shampoo. The shampoo is really good, it’s a clear shampoo and I was really scared to use it because normally clear shampoos tangle my hair like trees eat but this one did not. I got the conditioner as well. The conditioner is good as well however it contains silicon so I’m going to use it less frequently.

The scalp lotion which I also ordered has lots of proteins in it so I’m not going to use that every night because I don’t want to get PTU overload. I think I’m only going to use scalp lotion periodically on the edges of my hairline.

Note however that the active ingredient is only in the supplements so if you are interested in trying the Viviscal line of products don’t just to get the shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion without the supplements and think you are going to get amazing results. What the secondary products like the shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion do is give you a healthy environment for hair growth.

I have a pretty good filled in hairline but I do have one spot that I always think I’m going bald in and I always think I could properly grow some more hair there so we’ll see if Viviscal can get that to grow.

The supplements themselves are not too big, I been taking them for five days. I will be updating my hair growth every month. Measuring it now, the length at the back is 12″. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section. Bye for now.