How Viviscal Works

aminomarC200wHair loss, thinning, broken and brittle hair, as well as other complications associated with hair have been with the human race for a long time. A lot of the problems stem from increasing hair loss, baldness or the stunting of growth in existing follicles, resulting in an overall reduction of cover on the scalp.

There are many causes for this – a lot of it has to do with nutrition while some is caused by the natural effects of ageing, heredity, medications and damage caused by incorrect styling and not taking adequate care, especially during its formative stages.

The Viviscal Supplement

Viviscal is a special supplement that has been formulated after many years of research and which aims at increasing the supply of vital natural supplements that promote and enhance the growth and development of hair from within. Unlike a lot of hair growth treatments, Viviscal comes in the form of tablets that are taken daily with the intention of supplying the body with natural supplements that increase and promote the natural growth of hair.

Their unique range of vitamins and supplements which include their Max Strength tablets for women and Man tablets for men help the growth and development of hair from within by strengthening the body’s own growth mechanism and creating an environment that promotes the growth of thicker, stronger strands naturally and without the addition of any harmful chemicals, drugs or substances.


Natural Ingredients

The composition of the completely drug-free tablets includes natural substances that encourage hair growth in the scalp. The chief ingredient of is AminoMarC, a proprietary fish extract formula that has been proven to work in the active generation of follicles and in strengthening existing hair. Other ingredients include vitamin C, niacin, biotin, iron, zinc, horsetail extract and millet seed extract, all of which are naturally occurring substances that have for long been associated with hair growth and regeneration.

How It Works

Once ingested, the Viviscal tablets go to work in improving hair growth and generation through a five step process over what is usually a six-month period. Results of course vary from individual to individual depending on the unique nature of every person’s hair growth process but they usually begin to show any time between three and six months.

Five Step Process

Viviscal works in five distinct stages with specific changes and improvements occurring at each stage, depending on the state of the individual’s hair at the start of the process.

  • In the first stage, the follicles, which are responsible for the production and upkeep of hair, are nourished through the consistent intake of nutrients that are found each tablet. This process restores any hair producing nutrients that may have been lost due to dietary deficiencies and ensures that the follicles are in in peak strand producing condition.
  • The second stage, which usually works in tandem with the first stage, strengthens existing hair that may have become wispy or thin, through the increased nourishment.
  • In the third stage, breakage, thinning and damage decrease, encouraging an increase in the hair cover.
  • During stage four, follicles that have now been receiving regular and proper nourishment produce hair which is stronger, more vibrant and more thoroughly replenished.
  • Finally in stage five any new strands that is generated now benefits from the improved nutrition and is thicker, stronger and less prone to breakage and damage.

The final result is a fuller head of stronger, healthier and thicker hair. Watch this official video for more information: