Viviscal Maximum Strength Reviews

Without trying a product such as this yourself, the only way you can judge whether it is right for you and whether you should spend money on it is to read the experience of other who have used it. Here we collect user reviews for Viviscal’s Maximum Strength supplements (for women). If you have used them and would like to tell other potential users what you think of them please do so below.

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Viviscal max strength tablets

Jul 22, 2015 by Twiglet

Please don't waste your money, been using six months my hairdresser said no difference and my hair still falling out the same. I have since read the ingredients and now realise i was already taking what's in them at a much cheaper cost. I was taking zinc, iron, codliver oil and vitamin b complex at the same strength only it was costing me £10 instead of £120, my nails didn't change either.

Mar 12, 2015 by becks

I noticed that my hair was thinner than usual about 3 months ago at which point I started taking these tablets. My hair is still getting thinner, there has been no improvement though I understand that they do need time to work. I am going to persevere with them for another 3 months and will update my review then.

effective - would recommend

Jan 22, 2015 by anon

I started taking this product last spring (2014). By the autumn I noticed a big difference to the condition and length of my hair. I would recommend this to anyone.

Nov 12, 2014 by CRob3

I had heard very many good things about these supplements but as with most things you I don't really believe it until you try it yourself. I was lucky enough to get a free sample - I probably would never have tried them if I hadn't - and I have not look back since. My hair is so much healthier and far less brittle than it was and this is just after 8 weeks of use! My nails have been growing much faster too - added bonus!

great for head damaged hair

Nov 02, 2014 by LucyD

I used to have thick, long healthy hair before I started using hair straighteners almost every day for three years. My hair suffered from a lot of damage over those years but I have since stopped with the straighteners and started taking Viviscal - 4 months now - and my hair is feeling and looking as good as it used to.

Max strength Review

May 21, 2014 by DB

Been taking them for nearly 3 years. Before I started my hair would grow to around chin length and no more. I now grows passed my shoulders and is thicker too. I currently take only one max strength tablet per day (half the initial dose) and this keeps the price down to an affordable level

Good but too expensive

May 09, 2014 by Amy

There is no denying Viviscal is a great supplement for your hair and I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for the hefty price tag. These tablets are for long term use so if you buy the recommended 6 months worth in one go you are looking at a bill of over £200! I just wish that they would bring their price more in line with similar products

Very helpful

Apr 24, 2014 by CLW

After receiving surgery on a transplant last year I my body went through many changes. I lost a lot of weight and a significant amount of hair as well. At one point - about two weeks after I first notice a more than usual amount of shedding it was coming out at a tremendous rate. I love my had and seeing it fall out like that nearly gave me a heart attack.

Once I had calmed down I looked into what may have caused it and suspect number one was the surgery I had 4 weeks before. I had initiated a shedding phase for most of my hair follicles. On the hair loss forums many said it would only be temporary but recommended taking Viviscal to speed up the recovery process.

So I ordered some online, took it every day and my hair is now back to what it was or maybe a little thicker.(it took 12 months in all). Now, I know what you are thinking: would it have returned any way without the Viviscal? That is a possibility but I got the feeling that it improved the recovery rate and the final result - I have thicker hair now than ever. For this reason I am continuing to take it at half the dose to keep my hair thick and healthy.

, USA 4.1 5.0 8 8 Please don't waste your money, been using six months my hairdresser said no difference and my hair still falling out the same. I have since read the ingredients and now realise i w