Most Effective Essential Oils for Thicker Hair

Essential OilsMost bloggers and beauty experts are enthusiastic about their much loved essential oils for thicker hair. This article presents you with the best 7 for a naturally thick looking head of hair. There isn’t much evidence that supports the idea of using these to promote new hair growth; nonetheless, the seven that are listed below are considered to be great for a thicker look as they soothe the scalp, condition, in addition to promoting an ideal environment for healthier growth. Below are the top seven essential oils which will help you achieve a thicker looking crop.

1. Castor

This is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Massaging with castor oil helps to create a better environment for hair growth by clearing the pores and boosting the circulation. It clears the head of irritants and bacteria due to the skin’s ability to readily absorb it. It contains omega-6 & omega-9 fatty acids as well as ricinoleic acid which moisturise the scalp and hair to reduce dandruff.

2. Horsetail Plant

Besides containing silica which promotes stronger hair & nails, horsetail plant oil is a remedy for dandruff as well as split ends. Apply and mix by adding one or two drops of horsetail plant extract to 2-tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Using it, massage it in for not less than 10 minutes. Horsetail plant promotes the ideal environment for growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp. Alternatively, there is also a hair growth supplement which contains horsetail plant extract. The Viviscal Extra Strength supplement is a one day dose (2 pills) and it contains nearly 70mg of Horsetail Extract which nourishes follicles from within.

3. Lavender

This essential oil contains antibacterial properties and it helps to soothe irritation, itchiness, dandruff and dryness. Additionally, the relaxing scent of lavender helps reduce tension and stress as it has been known that extreme stress is one of the causes of baldness. As it is the case with the others, massaging your scalp with this invigorates it.

4. Coconut

In addition to containing ingredients which help to moisturise, nourish and protect the hair, coconut oil is a relaxing, super-moisturising lotion with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It contains lauric fatty acid which helps to protect the roots besides preventing breakage. When applied to the strands’ outside, the iron, vitamin K and vitamin E in it moisturise & improve the shine. Furthermore, it helps to protect against dandruff, dryness, as well as lice.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is popularly known for its benefits to the muscles and digestion. It has also got anti-bacterial properties. After applying this to the scalp, you will feel a tingling, bracing sensation which improves blood circulation.

6. Rosemary

This helps to invigorate the scalp in addition to maintaining the natural colour of the hair and preventing greying. Plus, prevents it and scalp from drying up. In order to mix and apply this, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil into the hair.

7. Chamomile

This soothes & conditions the your head, thereby preventing dandruff as well as dry & brittle strands. Chamomile is every so often added to anti-lice shampoo; therefore, consider this essential oil as a natural alternative to the harsh chemical treatments for lice and mites.