Most Effective Essential Oils for Thicker Hair

Most bloggers and beauty experts are enthusiastic about their much loved essential oils for thicker hair. This article presents you with the best 7 for a naturally thick looking head of hair. There isn’t much evidence that supports the idea of using these to promote new hair growth; nonetheless, the seven that are listed below […]

Viviscal Range: Shampoo, Conditioner & Scalp Lotion

Viviscal are predominantly know for their hair growth supplements but they have developed other related products which you can use in conjunction with the supplements to gain the maximum benefit. These include shampoos, conditioners and scalp lotions. Viviscal Shampoo and Scalp Cleaner This shampoo is a gentle cleanser for you hair and scalp and should […]

Have Eye Candy Hair This Summer

As the world’s fashion weeks have come to a close, this is the perfect time to get inspired. If the blaze of colour on the catwalks is anything to go by, we’re in for an exciting season for both fashion and hair! Emphasis on being a celebrity clone has been obliterated for this coming summer […]

Coping With The Devastation Of Women’s Hair Loss

Because a women’s hair symbolizes many things in our society (youth, femininity, beauty, health and sex appeal), it can be a devastating blow to woman’s value, self esteem and well-being if she is one of approximately 40 million women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. Worse, since it is still viewed as a male […]

Viviscal Press Cuttings

What do the press say about Viviscal? These products have had some rave reviews in the UK and Ireland press and magazines over the years, here are just a few quotes: Daily Mail Voted by the Daily Mail in ’10 of the Best Women’s Health Products’ Viviscal Scalp Guard voted ’10 Of The Best Innovative […]

The Right Diet For Healthy Hair

The health of your hair is greatly affected by your diet. Your daily nutrition has a very big part to play in the overall appearance as well as growth of your hair. The fastest growing cells in the human body are the intestinal cells. The hair contains the second fastest growing cells. On a rough […]

The Viviscal Experiment, Month 2

One month into my quest for tail-bone length hair using Viviscal. For those of you who don’t know these are hair growth supplements or as I prefer to say hair vitamins. I don’t like the term growth supplements because I don’t think they make it grow they just give you the proper nutrients to help […]

How To Care for Dry Hair

It is time to learn simple techniques for caring for dry hair if it always feel rough and dry to the touch. Do you have flakes that dandruff shampoo does not eliminate? Get your locks looking and feeling great in no time with these easy hints! Less is more If you are addicted to blow-drying […]

The Viviscal Hair Growth Experiment, Month 1

Hi, my name is Amy and my ultimate goal for my hair is to grow it out to where it’s like tailbone length which would make it pretty long. It’s only about 12 inches at the moment so I do understand that it’s going to take a very long time for me to reach that […]

How Viviscal Works

Hair loss, thinning, broken and brittle hair, as well as other complications associated with hair have been with the human race for a long time. A lot of the problems stem from increasing hair loss, baldness or the stunting of growth in existing follicles, resulting in an overall reduction of cover on the scalp. There […]